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Saraswati Sadhana 2019

Two Sundays

June 9 & June 23 

10:00am - 5:30pm

In person in Venice or live online (recordings available). 

Saraswati is a Goddess of Wisdom, Learning, Creativity and the Arts.

She is a Goddess of Meditation and Contemplation. She is the Power of Sound and Silence.

As Goddess of all forms of Communication and Knowledge, working with Her improves our communication on internal and external levels. Saraswati also governs technology and Science. We find Her in the Vedas as Vaac, Goddess of Speech and more. She is also a Goddess of Healing. In Her earlier manifestations She was worshiped for the knowledge and healing She imparted from Medicinal plants.


Explore the Jnana (wisdom) Shaki of this inspiring Divine Mother in this two day workshop.



Benefits of Her practice include


  • a steady and focused mind

  •  improved concentration

  • cultivation of inner states of peace and clarity

  • creative and musical inspirations and manifestations

  • deepened discipline and devotion within spiritual and artistic realms

  • articulation and eloquence in speech

  • improved communication

  • empowerment around periods of solitude and independence

  • sound and silence

  • Deepened connection to Nature

  • Realization of our inherent Natural Wisdom 


What does it mean to Know Thyself as the famous oracle at Delphi in Greece states?


In this two day seminar Laura will offering teachings and an authentic lineage-based Sadhana to Saraswati as well as practices for Her earlier Vedic form as Vaac.


This will be one of several offerings within the next year on Jnana Shakti Goddesses—Wisdom Goddesses within the Shakta and Shri Vidya pantheons.


All levels of practitioners are welcome. 

Saraswati Sadhana: $250
(fee included at checkout)
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