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Yoginis have multiple functions and manifestations within Tantric lineages of India and Nepal. 

Yoginis appear in both form and formless states. Sometimes worshiped as Devi Herself, others as attendants of Devi, and others as Devi’s esoteric and subtle emanations, this 4-week course will introduce the Yogini and Her mandalas within several Tantric contexts. 

Together, we will debunk some of the myths and fears one encounters in conversations about Yoginis. We will discuss why Yoginis are not restricted to the female human body, nor are they simply a term for yoga asana practitioners.


We will explore the origin, spiritual and cultural context as well as the iconography of Yoginis connected to Tantric temples within South Asia between the 9th and 15th centuries.


We will explore the powers Yoginis embody and also look at some of their ritual arts. Each class will open or end with an offering to experience the subtle emanation & Shakti of a specific group and form of Yoginis connected to the human body chakras through visualization, mantra and meditation.  


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