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In my readings I look at the layers of your aura and we go through each of the 7 chakras and affirm or clear any energies that are connected to those areas of your life. Sometimes we explore one or two past lives that have unresolved karmas and parallel certain themes or struggles of this current incarnation. I can focus on specific questions you have or I can just look and see what is going on in your space. No matter what I see, we clear and update the energies to present time-- just by looking at them, discussing them and using the vibration of different colors to move old energies and bring in what is most relevant and true for you today.


We can also look for a Goddess or non-patriarchal God energy that carries qualities that will most assist you on your path at this time. I can give you a practice and mantra to work with them.


*Please note this deity work (Shakti Sadhana) may require an extra session where we focus entirely on invoking these energies through chanting, visualization, meditation and a ritual designed especially for you and your present needs.


60 minute sessions for $150. For Venmo and PayPal there is an additional fee. Sliding scale and packages available.  *PayPal fee included at checkout

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