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Shakta Sadhana

A traditional Tantric Shakta Sadhana is a dedicated, committed practice to a specific field of Consciousness or Deity. Shakta Sadhana works with both subtle & physical energies within the practitioner to transform limiting & afflicted habits, thought patterns, actions, & beliefs at a level that is beyond the cognizant mind.


Shakta Sadhana offers a container of support to hold & integrate deeper states of Consciousness.

When we come to a Shakta Sadhana with devotion, intention, & longing for spiritual liberation, the Sadhana gives us direct access to Divine Wisdom through the body as temple. We utilize the senses & emotions, we learn to trust the voice of intuition, we allow the vibrations of these ancient sounds to attune and (re)align us to greater fields of Consciousness.    

Ganesha, Kali, Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi, the Matrikas, Lunar Nityas, Mahavidyas, and others
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