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Wednesday evenings 5:30-7:30 pm PT

$108 for all 5 classes.

In this practice focused series we will continue our exploration of the Dakini
Mandala. Each class will be devoted to one of the 5 families and will include
additional teachings and practices.

Students will be given creative assignments and practice suggestions to do in their
own timing. There will be 3-4 weeks between sessions.  Live
participation is recommended although recordings will be sent out within 24 hours
of each class.


Space- Kali Kapalini
January 29


Water Vajra
February 26


Air Karma
March 25


Fire Padma
April 15


Earth Ratna
May 13


Open to participants who have taken Dakini’s Mirror with Laura in the past two

Please email for more info and payment options.

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