Ganesha Sadhana and Tarpanam

Tuesdays, January 15th and January 22th, 2019

6:30 - 9:00 pm

Via Zoom or in person in Venice, CA


As most of us who love Shakta and other Tantric and Yogic traditions know, Ganesha is an elephant-headed God of Wisdom who is invoked to remove obstacles. As the God of Karma and Dharma, He also brings obstacles to reroute us when we have strayed from our path. Ganesha is invoked at the beginning of any ritual or undertaking. He is the one who opens the gates-- both external and internal ones!


The Ganesha Tarpanam is a special ritual practice of the Kaula Shri Vidya lineage to specifically remove internal hindrances, resistance and blocks that prevent us from moving forward on our spiritual path. Tarpanams are particularly effective in moving stuck or stagnant energies. Tarpanam means “to please” We use water offerings as part of this ritual to ask for the flow of blessings and Grace of the Deity. And we make offerings to Him so He is pleased AND because it is pleasing to us to stay in such direct contact with the Divine!


The Tarpanam ritual offers a way for us to access the energetic body in ways that are not usually palpable. Such practices cultivate a deep sense of contentment and the natural flow of our own energies ad desires. This particular Tarpanam connects us into the flow of Consciousness of Ganesha. This is also a practice we perform and offer to the waters of Mother Earth. It helps to purify the pollution and can have a beneficial effect on the water crisis we face on this planet today.



In these two ritual classes you will learn a sadhana (practice) for Ganesha that includes:


Ganesha Mantra within the Shri Vidya lineage

Vedic Invocation for Ganesha

Ganesha Iconography & Spiritual Meaning

Ganesha Gayatri (for specific purpose)

*Ganesha Tarpanam Ritual Practice


If you love Ganesha and want to go deeper in your experience and devotion with Him, this is a great practice. It is one you can use with any other sadhana you are in. It also provides cooling support.

*Please note if you are interested in joining and have not recently (or ever) worked with Laura, this (and most of Laura’s offerings) are not a teacher training offering. None of these practices and teachings may be shared in any way. These practices are for your personal and spiritual development only. This is in alignment with the Kaula Shri Vidya lineage we are working within and a request from my teacher. No exceptions.


Materials needed:


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2 evenings of 2.5 hours each 


Payment via PayPal or Venmo Or check.


Via Zoom or in person in Venice, CA

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