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Intuitive Readings

Our external space reflects our inner space and an intuitive reading and energy clearing is

a wonderful way to get our inner and outer worlds working in harmony. 


I can look at specific areas of your life (relationship/money/career/spirituality/etc.) and offer insight as well as help you to clear foreign and/or afflicted and obscured energies.


Feeling stuck? Unsure? Indecisive? Heavy? Confused?


In the Intuitive session we will move out any stagnant, blocked & resistant energies and look at what you are desiring to create from the deepest level of your being. These sessions can help you to find your own answers and clarity within yourself.


Want to bring in more abundance? Love? Health? Fulfillment? Contentment?


We can look at energetic patterns you may have inherited from your family and ancestry as well as religious and social programming that keeps us in conditioned reactions and patterns--and we will workon clearing them! Sometimes it is possible to move energy in one session, for core patterns & wounds, itcan take a few sessions.


Do your life, career or relationship experiences feel like they are always on repeat?


We can explore past life karmic energies that may perpetuate certain holding or repetitive patterns.Whenever I read past lives my clients tell me, "But that sounds exactly like what is happening to me now!" By looking at the energies, we bring them into the present to release the charges they still have on us. Working on this deep level can help you to release a lot of energy and be able to make decisions that will allow you to take and complete the steps you want to takeThese sessions help to clear & heal old restrictive energies in all of our relationships, in our money space, and on our career and spiritual paths. 


Will I tell you something  that you do not want to know or that is scary?


No, I will only be able to "see" what your spirit shows me. If there is something you do not want me to know or look at, I will not. Also, I do not predict your future although I may get some insight into what is to come! I certainly can look at the potential around any project, relationship, etc.  Most importantly I serve as a guide and witness to your intuition and inner knowing and can help you to move energies that prevent you from believing in and acting on your deepest truths and desires. 





Intuitive Session Pricing

Intuitive Session-6o minutes $160



Intuitive Session -90 minutes $225


Or Venmo: @Laura-Amazzone

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Intuitive Session Package - Three 6o minute sessions for $425


Intuitive Session Package - Three 90 minute sessions for $610



Or Venmo: @Laura-Amazzone

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Intuitive Session Package - Five 60 minute sessions for $695





Or Venmo: @Laura-Amazzone

Intuitive Session Package - Five 90 minute sessions for $1025


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Or Venmo: @Laura-Amazzone

For phone, Zoom and Skype readings payment is due BEFORE the reading via Venmo, PayPal or check.


Laura's PayPal address is

Venmo @Laura-Amazzone


To schedule an appointment:

*Please note for any extra questions that go over the 60 or 90 minute session, an additional $30 per fifteen minutes will be charged.


24 hour cancellation policy.


Late Policy:

Unforeseen things and energies can come up before a reading making you late. I read this as part of the process.

Regardless of when you arrive, session will end at scheduled time and clients will be charged the regular fee.


If you are more than 15 minutes late to the session, it is considered a no show and you will still be charged the full price of the session. 

*Packages and individual readings are valid for 6 months from date of purchase*

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