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Current and Upcoming

Join us for the 6th annual online celebration of the Divine Mother Durga!
Celebrate the Annual Fall Durga Puja--Nine Nights of the Divine Mother from your home temple or anywhere you are through a special online daily practice and teachings! Every autumn on the first new moon that falls after the fall equinox, nine nights of Tantric worship of the Divine Mother begins. Navaratri or Durga Puja is a 5000 year old festival that gives participants an opportunity to come together in community. During this time we pray to Durga to bring healing, balance & justice to all.
Yoginis Dakinis In Conversation with....
YOGINIS UNITE! This is a free, shaktiful and super passionate conversation with my dear Yogini sister, Luisa Spagna about the Yoginis and Matrikas, Durga's collective of Shaktis.
- Print and Digital Copies
Check out my 2 articles: Annapūrnā: A Return to Wholeness, Balance and Earth Mother Wisdom
& What is Śākta?

along with many other wonderful essays, interviews, & book reviews.
On Ecology Digital copy only
Check out my articles: What is a Shakta and Annapurna: A Return to Balance, Wholeness and Earth Mother Wisdom
Chandi I Seminar Fall 2020
Please contact us at to receive a Pre-registration info packet about the upcoming 3 day seminar on Zoom. Due to the current social justice and pandemic crises we are facing, Laura is offering a second Chandi program this year to teach the ancient Goddess practices of the Chandi Path to support us personally and collectively through these shifting and uncertain times.
Chandi III- The 8 Matrikas
Please contact us for the pre-reg info packet about these seminars.

Pre-requisite Chandi I and II.
Yoga Philosophy Certification
The teachings and practices of yoga are inspiring a deep transformation of human consciousness at the somatic, psychological and spiritual levels. Join us for this comprehensive adventure into the texts, traditions and practices of the yoga tradition. Laura will be teaching in April 2021. You can also enroll in her previous courses as a student in the program. JAI MAA!
Annapurna Sadhana
Annapūrṇā is the Goddess of Fullness and Wholeness. She blesses our food and water. She brings the gifts of Jñana Śakti. She is a Fierce Goddess of Protection in Nepal. This class is open to practitioners who have studied with Laura, or who have sadhana experience within Shri Vidya and other Tantric lineages. Email for more info.
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On Going Courses

32 Days of Durga Online Course
This self-study, do at your own pace course offers 32 lessons on Goddess Durga. Learn about Her myth, the significance of Her tools, the days of the week that are sacred to Her, Her various powers, emanations and much more. Meditations and visualizations are included in many of the lessons. This is a do at your own pace course. It does not require a huge time commitment. This course offers many practical suggestions for connecting with and experiencing Durga in your life.
Yogini Online Seminar
Yogini~The Iconography and Philosophy of Yoginis
and Divine Feminine Power

This course is adapted from the Mysteries of the Yoginis Self-Study online course I offer at Mystery School of the Goddess.

It will be available for registration and self-study in September 2018. Email if you are interested and do not see a new registration link on EmbodiedPhilosophy's course page.
Shakti: Faces of the Goddess
A 4 Week Online Course at Embodied Philosophy
Mysteries of the Yoginis Online
This is an 8 lesson do at your own pace on the history, powers, rituals, temples, iconography, philosophical and spiritual significance of the Yoginis. Who were the Yoginis? This course is an in-depth and comprehensive presentation on the Yoginis of South Asia. For all priestesses, healers, artists, musicians, ritualists, shamans, yogic practitioners, tantric practitioners and Goddess worshipers.

To enroll, send $310 USD to the Paypal link below. You will be manually added to the course.
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Yogic Paths Episodes Featuring Laura
I was interviewed for two episodes of Yogic Paths on The first, the intro, is free, and the 4th episode on Tantra. I recommend the whole series.
Rise of Venus - Online Docuseries
Rise of Venus: The Power of the Women’s Spirituality Movement is a short-subject documentary mini-series that explores a spiritual revolution that arose in the 1970s and its impact on American women and society today.

​Meloney Hudson interviews Women's Spirituality Foremothers, Teachers & Scholars who she describes as "carrying the torch" of Goddess today. Check out Episode 4, "Making Contact" featuring Laura Amazzone
Chitheads Podcast
Chitheads Interview with Jacob Kyle on my book Goddess Durga and the current work I am doing. A good introduction if you are new to my work. Free!
Starseed Podcast Episode 4
Starseed Interview with Erin Rivera Merrimen on Shakta Tantra, Goddess, Yogini and more. If you are not familiar with my work or want to hear my recent and current focus, check this out. Free!
Starseed Podcast Episode 18
Starseed Interview with Erin Rivera Merriman. Durga Meditation, Chandi Path and the Practice of Tantra. Free!
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Past Courses

The Dakini's Mirror
A Mandala of Elements & the Mind~Liberating Obstructed Emotions into Pristine Awareness

Please contact us for info about the 2019 Dakini Mandala series:
Shakti New Moons
Monthly online new moon rituals
Nine Nights of the Divine Mother
Celebrate the Annual Fall Durga Puja from your home temple or anywhere you are through this comprehensive ritual course. Each day you will receive practices and teachings to Durga in Her various forms. Come together in community with practitioners from all over the world and celebrate the ancient mysteries of life, death, and rebirth in this special ritual course. A live Puja via Zoom will be offered on the 9th day. 50% off for students who have taken this online course before.
Matangi Sadhana
This is a restricted and invitation only teaching. In order to participate in this Matangi seminar, there are Shakti Sadhana prerequisites. Please contact Laura @ for more info.
Chandi I 2019
Intro to the Teachings, Mythology & Sadhanas of the Chandi Path

For more information, email us at
Ganesha Sadhana
As most of us who love Shakta and other Tantric and Yogic traditions know, Ganesha is an elephant-headed God of Wisdom who is invoked to remove obstacles. As the God of Karma and Dharma, He also brings obstacles to reroute us when we have strayed from our path. Ganesha is invoked at the beginning of any ritual or undertaking. He is the one who opens the gates-- both external and internal ones!
Lakshmi Puja
Join us for a special Lakshmi Puja (ritual) from a Shri Vidya Tantric lineage performed by Yogini and Priestess, Laura Amazzone, M.A.
Ugra Tara Mahavidya
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Matangi Sadhana

This is a restricted and invitation only teaching. In order to participate in this Matangi seminar, there are Shakti Sadhana prerequisites. Please contact Laura @ for more info.

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